Terms Of Business

General Conditions

If not stated the following conditions shall apply:

  1. Free, uninterrupted and continuous access from commencing of erection as far as reasonably practicable.
  2. Installation shall be from a flat level concrete base to enable the safe use of standard mobile platforms. If works are to be carried from a compacted hardcore base additional costs shall apply. Similarly the price does not include for working around, under or over any structural/building obstructions not advised at the time of Tendering
  3. If works are required to be carried out off a compacted sub-floor, a guarantee/statement will be required from the Principal Contractor that the sub floor is suitable for the works and will withstand the point loads from the MEWP equipment.
  4. Provision of and free use of site services, such as power for hand tools, adequate lighting, water, welfare facilities, etc.
  5. Provision of storage/assembly area within the erection area.
  6. Contract shall be managed from our main office and not from a site based establishment.
  7. Provision by us of a working foreman.
  8. 12 Months defects liability period. Warranty commences from practical completion or from when the system is commissioned and beneficial use provided, whichever is the sooner.
  9. Provision by us of electronic version of record drawings and O/M manuals.
  10. Co-ordination with but not of other trades.
  11. Provision by others of safe and adequate access to the plant location.
  12. Where associated services, eg. electrical, gas, controls, etc. are provided by others, completion certificates shall be issued prior to Jet commencing commissioning works. The appropriate certificates shall be submitted to Jet main office prior to any commissioning visit to site
  13. Any item not specifically mentioned is be deemed excluded.

Conditions of Trading

If not stated the following conditions shall apply:

  1. We have based our offer on entering into a sub-sub Contract based on the benefits and obligations contained within a JCT Form of Domestic Subcontract DSC/C 2002 Edition in-so-far as it is applicable to our works and subject to receiving and agreeing the various appendices to that document.
  2. Upon receipt of a formal request for variation work, a written quotation shall be submitted for acceptance. All variations shall include charges for design, drawing and management together with cost adjustments for labour, materials and equipment. The management charge for all variation requests shall be added to the contract value irrespective of the acceptance of the variation. Variations to our works shall not be accepted without receipt of a written instruction, confirming acceptance of all costs, charges and programme implications outlined in our variation quotation.
  3. Further, we require to define and limit our liability arising from delay, performance and any other consequential indirect damages. Such restrictions are to be agreed and included in our contract prior to commencement of works. In lieu of any specific agreed terms our liability shall be limited to 5% of our Contract value.
  4. JET's Professional Indemnity, Public and Products Liability insurance cover is currently set at £2,000,000.
  5. Any Collateral or Design Warranties shall be subject to acceptance by our Insurer's prior to inclusion within the Contract documentation.

Payment Terms

If not stated the following standard payment terms shall apply:

  1. 20% of Contract value to be paid with order
  2. A minimum charge equal to 20% of Contract value to be included within first valuation to cover costs associated with design, drawings and procurement
  3. In addition to the above, materials, labour, project supervision, management and preliminary costs shall be claimed pro-rata within monthly interim valuations
  4. Quotation based on 'No Retention' monies being deducted
  5. Payment terms 28 days from application date
  6. In the event of failure to submit payment within the above terms, we reserve the right to levy interest charges at 1% above the current bank rate and suspend works until due payments are made. If any pricing discounts have been agreed these will be withdrawn against all delayed payments.
  7. All outstanding monies shall be received prior to any commissioning works being undertaken
  8. The Jet offer is based on the lump sum price quoted for a fully designed turn-key package and shall be deemed to include all associated internal design and management fees.
  9. Works shall not be subject to re-valuation on the basis of a Schedule of Rates or other costing mechanism.

Governing Law and Venue

This Agreement shall be interpreted, construed and governed by the laws England.

We reserve the right to change these Terms and Conditions of Use, the Privacy Policy, prices, information and terms featured on this website without notice.